Everyday ‘No Makeup” Makeup Routine

Hello Loves and happy Monday!

Today I’d like to guide you through my minimal makeup routine that takes about 10 mins or less.

In this makeup look I’m trying to make my skin as flawless as I can, while keeping it looking fresh and not cakey. Therefore majority of time and focus comes on the base.

           L  I  Q  U  I  D  S    A  N  D    C  R  E  A  M  S

Before using foundation I like to prep my skin. I clean it with peeling based cleanser and then I use few drops of face oil serum. After it sinks into the skin I use the moisturizer. If you want to know what my skincare routine is, leave a comment below!

My favorite foundation is Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation. I like how natural it feels on the skin. The consistency is very light and liquid, but you can layer it on to get light to medium coverage. I like to mix it in with my Bright Future Color Corrector in green by Sephora and warm up in my hands and apply it straight to my face.

After blending it with my fingers, under my eyes, around my nose and on blemishes I like to use NYX Dark Circle Concealerand blend with BeautyBlender. For me this concealer is revolutionary! It effortlessly blends into your skin, covers and brightens. I just love it. It’s so universal! I even prefer it than any other ‘skin tone’ concealer.

                          P  O  W  D  E  R  S

After my wet base is done I like to set everything in place with my favorite Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder by Fenty Beauty. I take small, fluffy brush and set my face delicately mostly in my T zone and under eyes.

After setting, I like to bronze my face, using Marc Jacobs’ Tan-tastic O!Mega bronze bronzer, first with more precise brush to contour my nose and bring a little color to my eyelids. Then with big brush I apply my bronzer onto my forehead, cheeks and jawline. I like to layer it on until the desired effect.

After I just comb my brows with a spoolie and with that last step I’m done!

It’s so simple and natural looking makeup! Perfect for people who don’t really like using of a lot makeup or those who just want to change up how they do their base.

And what is your routine? Share it in the comments!

xx, Olita

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Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic O!Mega bronze bronzer – review

Hello Loves and happy Monday!

Today I would like to tell you something something about the best bronzer I tried to this day!

As you can see by the tittle it is Marc Jacobs’ Tan-tastic O!Mega bronze bronzer.

Since I found out about my allergy to methylisothiazolinone, I had to throw away more than a half of my makeup and skincare products which broke my heart but was very helpful with the condition of my skin. I’ll write a separate post about my allergy, I believe it can help a lot of you!

So after having to get rid of my Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer (R.I.P.) I kept using Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess. I liked this bronzer but I felt that for my pale complexion it’s not the right choice, because it gives my skin reddish shade, which I definitely don’t need, since my face gets red quite easily. Also I wanted to find a truly matte bronzer and to be able to use all year long. Definitely the task seemed impossible, but I had hope!

I went to Sephora and wondered around to find the perfect shade of bronzer without shimmer, without reddish undertone, for fair skin and without the allergen I mentioned before… uff. I thought I’m on a lost position until one of Sephora’s employees brightened my day and said she has something perfect just for me! It’s limited edition (in Poland) and she said so many people are buying it she’s just left with one last package.

It was the famous Marc Jacobs’ bronzer. I instantly liked the packaging! It’s big, but sleek and feels good in my hand. Plus for the huge mirror! Bronzer itself is in a perfect neutral tone and it’s matte, which was so important for me. It matches most of the skin tones, so I can use it while I’m pale and tan and it will look great!

I’m using it for over two weeks and LOVING it! I can’t stress enough how good of a product it is. It blends perfectly and you can layer it on without any problem. There’s a lot of product inside so definitely it will last a long time!

The only thing I’m not a big fan of is the scent. It supposed to be coconut. I feel like it’s a little bit on a different note, but it dissolves quickly so it’s not a problem for me.

I highly recommend this product for all of the ladies who like, as me, matte and neutral shade of bronzer! It matches most of complexions 😉

And what is your favorite bronzer?

xx, Olita

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Work It With MG! My Fitness Journey PART 2 – The WIWMG App Review

Hello Loves!

Welcome to the second part of my fitness journey post!

In this post I want to talk about fabulous Madalin Giorgetta and her fitness app!

As you know (if not click here) I followed Madalin’s home workout guide for a while now and as soon as I’ve heard she released Work it with MG app I instantly downloaded it!

I was in love with the guide, but doing it 4 times already made me think that it’s time to try something new and challenge myself more.

On the app there are 3 programs you can choose from:

  1. Blast & Burn Training System: mostly for fat burning and getting stronger, recommended for beginners.
  2. Shape & Tone Training System: to build more muscles!
  3. Lean & Strong Training System:  to get even more strong and build muscle mass, for people with intermediate to advanced training experience.

Then, you have the possibility to choose if you prefer the gym or home program, depending on your needs. You give other information like your weight, height, age, if you prefer to workout in the morning or evening, if you’re a vegetarian etc. The app creates workout and food plan just for you!

I chose the first program Blast & Burn Training System to perform at the gym.

So far I’m on a week 4 and I’m enjoying it so much! I get to workout more with machines now and it makes me very motivated to try new things! I love that with each workout session there are videos attached. It helps a lot to be sure you perform each movement correctly!

Check out the links below!

Official website 
Maddy’s Instagram 
Maddy’s YouTube channel
Progress Photos of WORK IT WOMEN 
Work it with MG app FAQ

Let me know what you think! Have you already heard about Maddy’s app?

xx, Olita

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Work It With MG! My Fitness Journey PART 1

Disclaimer: I’m not financially connected to Work it with MG and other products neither was paid for writing the post. It’s my personal opinion based on my private experiences.

Hello Loves!

Today I wanted to share with you my fitness story. A lot has changed since I wrote post about my workout routine.

I finished my last post about #bbg with words I’m getting ready to start BBG again soon!. Well… I tried and failed during… 3rd week. I gave up. I love all what Kayla Itsines stands for but the exercises themselves. Endless pushups and burpees didn’t bring me any joy whatsoever and I felt unmotivated.

As time progressed I felt worse and worse with my body. I felt sooo fat (I was never really overweight, just saw myself as I am in the mirror) and mentally weak; I let myself eat all I wanted during very stressful time in my life happening that moment. I knew I need to change and start to get healthier.

Then something switched. I started to look at working out as a way to help myself be the healthiest I’ve ever been and becoming the best version of myself. Fueling my body with all the good foods still allowing myself to eat all I wanted (in moderation, of course). I started to count my macros and looked deeply into what I eat.

Then I searched for an inspiration and motivation that will take me back to the gym. I knew I need to find other fitness guide than BBG since this one just wasn’t for me. I watched a lot of youtube videos of many different girls who talked about loosing weight, their healthy lifestyles and which guide they followed to get those glutes burning!

As youtube took me down the rabbit hole of fitness videos many times I’ve heard the name Madalin Giorgetta and girls raving about her amazing gym and home guides. I was very tempted but wanted to get to know Madalin a little bit better. I found her YouTube channel and started binge watching all her videos. I followed her instagram and checked out the progress photos on her another ig account. I fell in love. With community, exercises and Madalin herself. I bought the home guide since I figured I could switch my days between working out in the gym and home as I used to do before.

The guides are not available for purchase at the moment.

The exercises incorporated weight training and they were divided for upper, lower body parts and full body workouts. Thanks to this guide I felt stronger than ever and felt pure joy out of going to the gym! It gave me confidence, motivation and healthy mind set. The guide is written for 8 weeks of working out 3 times a week with optional added glute pumpers exercises. I finished the guide 4 times! It ads up for 32 weeks = about 8 months of consistent going to the gym and working out 3x per week! I didn’t skip even one workout! Thank you Maddy! ❤

By the time I was finishing the 4th round of #BodybyMG home guide I found out that Maddy is coming out with her brand new app WORK IT WITH MG! Without even thinking I downloaded the app and now I follow the gym program of Blast and Burn. I highly recommend the app to everyone who wants to get hooked on working out, healthy lifestyle and finding (or increasing) self love!


To not make this post too long I divided it to two parts. In the next part I’ll tell you all about the app and give you a full review. For now maybe you’d be interested to check things all about Maddy and start your healthy lifestyle today!

Check out the links below!

Official website
Maddy’s Instagram
Maddy’s YouTube channel
Progress Photos of WORK IT WOMEN
Work it with MG app FAQ

Let me know what you think! Did you already know Madalin?

xx, Olita

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What I’ve Been Loving Past Months (+ why I was MIA)

Hello loves!

I know I’ve been MIA lately and I’m really sorry! Thank you for being subscribed! ❤ I had a lot on my shoulders lately, like graduating from Academy of the Fine Arts and working full time while discovering my new fitness/healthy eating/gym path. I felt a little bit overwhelmed with my life during past few months and I needed a break!

But now I’m back and very excited to share with you my journey, experiences and new products I found during the time I was off the blog.

There are a lot new posts coming! I’m gonna post each week, maybe you can help me out to pick the day? Please vote in the comments for the day you enjoy most reading new content! ❤

If you don’t want to miss out on any of my daily adventures aka. everyday life boring things (and these more exciting) each human has to do follow me on instagram!

But let’s get to the point of this post. My favorite makeup products of the past few months!


These two concealers, Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Corrector in green and NYX Dark Circle Concealer are a God’s send! Actually you can see that I’m desperately trying to use all it’s left from NYX concealer! haha!

My face is always red or gets red, so for me green concealer is a must. I usually mixed it in with my foundation (MAC Face and Body) and starting with the middle of my face applying it and blending with my fingers to the sides. Then I go with the NYX concealer and I don’t use it only on my dark circles but just as a regular concealer all over my face on any blemish I see (recently I’m struggling with allergy, which I’ll talk about in another post) using a flat small brush.


Since I’ve tried new Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder I won’t go back. It’s the best loose powder I’ve ever tried and what most important for me it doesn’t have the paraben I’m allergic to. I love it for the bake and just applying it with a brush down my T zone. It’s seamless and doesn’t make me look washed out. I’m quite pale and use shade butter.


I know L’Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops may look a little too glittery for some people’s taste, but I promise on skin it looks so natural and dewy! I like it’s in liquid so I can blend it with my beauty blender and make it look so effortlessly beautiful.


I’ve tried many mascaras (cheap and not that cheap) throughout my makeup journey and L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture is the best one yet! Everything depends on your preferences, but if you like mascaras that will not make your eyelashes clumpy, but “natural” looking, long and voluminous this one is definitely for you!


I’m sure you’ve already heard about Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. What can I say? It’s definitely the bomb! Makes my lips plumped and feels amazing on. It doesn’t make my lips feel dry, which I’m all about! If you want to treat yourself a little, why not treat yourself to one of the shades of gloss bomb? Rihanna and your lips will thank you!


This palette doesn’t need an introduction. Cult Modern Renaissance by Anastasia BH Cosmetics. I was eyeing that palette for years since I saw it once on yt, unfortunately it wasn’t available in Poland that time and the shipping was too expensive. Few months ago we welcomed in polish Sephora ABH! I was so excited and right away put my hands on it and bought it! I instantly fell in love with all the shades. I really like how easy they are too blend and mix. And let’s take a moment for colors… aren’t they just gorgeous?!

What is your favorite makeup product atm? Let me know in the comments!

xx, Olita

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Kayla Itsines BBG Program RESULTS – it works!

Hello Loves and happy Monday!

A while back when I first started BBG I promised you guys to update you on my results. These 12 weeks past faster than I expected.

First of all I have to admit I didn’t finish the whole program. I finished my 11th week before I was going to see my family in Chicago. The time there was so active and whole days filled with activities I din’t even have a moment for myself to go through 12th week’s exercises. At least I walked a lot, right?

From all 11 weeks of bbg workouts I have learnt that I can achieve more than I thought. I had more time than I thought as well. I could somehow squeeze in every workout into my busy schedule. I started to really enjoy exercising even thought it was very hard to go through all resistance trainings from begging to the end. It didn’t get easier, I could just do more. It was kind of addictive.

Resistance trainings I performed at my home and for LISS and HIIT I was hitting (no pun intended) the gym.

I saw that my body is definitely stronger and looks leaner. I took photos before and after program and saw a very big difference (I’m still embarrassed of them, therefore not gonna share them with you, sorry)! I lost 2 kg through the whole process even though I didn’t change my diet at all. I didn’t want to drastically change everything about my lifestyle. Coming from somehow not so good diet and zero exercises to restrictions and working out like crazy didn’t sound good to me. I know I could have achieved so much more by eating well while doing the program, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

When I came back from Chicago I din’t continue the guide through the last week. For 11 weeks I’ve not missed even one workout. It was a very hard work, but also very rewarding. I decided to take a break.

Now I’m trying to keep an eye on my diet and I’m getting ready to start BBG again soon! Maybe even next week! I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn how to value your body and feel better and stronger in your own skin!

xx, Olita

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Hello Loves and happy Monday!

Today I’d like to share with you my new summer makeup routine. All the sweat and heat outside can really mess up my face fast so I came up with this routine that will keep my skin feeling light but will also give me that bronze glow, so much needed in a summertime!

I started to use fake tan on my body and face from time to time, when I feel like being more bronze or bronze at all. I’m naturally super pale person and when sun hits me all I get later is red and irritated skin. 😦 But that’s what is fake tan for, right?

Why am I even talking about fake tan when I was supposed to present my makeup routine? The thing is when I use the fake tan I need to pick cosmetics in darker shade – foundation and concealer. The routine below is quite versatile and I only change these 2 products depending on if I’m tanned or not. I feel this routine is very universal so you can repeat it yourself easily with the products you already own and match your skintone.

P.S. I’m describing my routine in order in which I like to apply all my products.

So without more rumbling here it is, my bronze summertime makeup routine!



Recently I finished up my trusty Color Correcting Liquid Primer in Green from NYX. Even though I really liked this product I decided to look for something else that will combine smoothness of the base with color correction. I went to NYX store and got this Studio Perfect Primer in green. As a start to my makeup I apply small amount with my hands, gently spreading around my face. Before the base I like to use moisturiser on my face and let it sit for a while to sink in to my skin.



Then I move to foundation. When I’m pale I only use my MAC Face and Body foundation. When I’m tanner I like to mix it with 123 Perfect CC cream by Bourjois. Depending on my skintone I mix them both in different proportions or when I’m very tan I use only CC cream. To apply foundation I also use my fingers. I find this technique makes my foundation to blend with my skin better leaving very light and natural effect than when I’m using a brush or a beauty blender. Therefore for a heavier coverage I’d recommend using a brush.

C O N C E A L  &  S E T


To complete my skin base I use NARS concealer under my eyes and then set all my face with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder. When I’m tanner I prefer to use Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer.


B R O W S  &  B R O N Z E


As my skin is ready I start with shaping and adding color. First to my brows with ka-BROW Cream-Gel by Benefit and then with Hoola bronzer under my cheekbones, on the sides of my nose, at the top of my forehead and under my jawline. I like to make my face a little sculpted and bronzed. I always add little by little. It’s easier to add bronzer than take it off. It leaves my skin looking sun kissed and pretty.

B L U S H, E Y E S  &  S E T


After bronzer I move to my favourite Nars Orgasm blush that leaves my cheeks with beautiful color and golden pink shimmer highlighting my cheekbones. Since it’s summertime and usually quite hot outside I set everything with NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. After setting spray is dry I put on Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara.


How about you? What are the products you use daily for that summertime look? Let me know!

xx, Olita

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